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[Export] We are expert of dealing lots of Japanese brand fishing equipments since more than 30 years ago.
There are so many different items which has unique concept from every single manufacture (we call "maker") and we are very happy to introduce such Japanese fishing culture to overseas.
We have strong relation with many Japanese makers and also wholesalers, can combine the goods to arrange conveniently 1 shipment.
Furthermore, we have a lot of know-how to export staffs by different method that depends on the country.
Please feel free to contact us for your further inquiry.

[Out sourcing] There are so many attractive staffs from China, Vietnam and Pakistan with lower cost.
It would bring lots of benefit to your company if everything is going well.
However, most of companies are still facing problem due to the quality control, delivery time.
We have our own factory in Shanghai, China who deals inspection/packing works regularly.Also fishing-line spooling works is one of our field of strength, both of Japanese material/Chinese material are available.
There are also reliable partners in Weihai and Hangzhou who works as our sub-office.We can combine several different items from different factory/place to arrange 1 shipment.
Please feel free to contact us if you would like to find good source in China.
There are other options in Vietnam and Pakistan as well.

[Promotion] Our policy is "grow up together'.
We supports the customer who deals Japanese brand equipments to expand the sales.
There are several method for the promotion, magazine advertisement, exhibition, event such as work shop and so on, we are willing to cooperate your promotion by our best service.