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Supreme jigging & casting rods.
Expert of dealing carbon blanks and produce super strength rods.
Historical fishing rod brand made in Japan.
Meet the needs of various anglers.
Total fishing coordinator.
Offer various products for beginner to expert,
concept is " IMAGINE YOU "
Pioneer of Electric reels.
Reliable quality, perfect water proof, this is the standard.
Custom handle produced by very accurate technology and
carbon processing.
For Daiwa, Shimano and Abu available.
Excellent quality fishing lines.
High performance by advanced technology.
FUDO HOOKS are the perfect quality hooks made in
Japan with optimum composing of the best materials,
the best technology and the highest human skills.
Beautiful fish by beautiful lure.
Lure brand who never compromises with the making of products.
Leading brand of Squid jig fishing totally made in Japan.
Perfect quality control for all of exclusively products.
Blackbass fishing brand.
Aim at the lure brand full of the personality with
a wide genre from the brief lure which just cast and fish,
and also one of an original design.
Squid jig " SUMIZOKU ", it's already famous all over the world.
As well as the squid jig, various terminal tackle available.
Huge famous Jigging lead jigs and lures for GT fishing.
Beautiful and nice products 100% hand made by craftman ship.
Special made lures and accessories by unique idea.
It will bring you fishing revolution.
Specialize in producing the waders, vest, shoes,
extremely high quality lures.
Snakehead fishing brand.
A lot of products valuing a sense of fun.
Perfectly Japan made spoon & spinner, many color variation.
Always develop many kind of accessories which the anglers
really needs.
Outdoor accessories also available as well as for fishing.
Pioneer of fishing rod holder. All japan made reliable quality.
Lure, fly and terminal tackles… OFT created many hit products
till today.
MEITO HOOKS are superior quality fishing hooks made in Japan.
The quality is based on high technology and traditional experience.
Target is only big fish.
Leading brand for big black bass fishing.
Hard lure and Soft lures are available.
Leading lure brand who has several models suitable for various kinds of fishing style.
Lure brand who suggests how to enjoy your fishing style.
Production made in Japan.
PALMS brand. High quality rods for both of fresh water and salt water fishing.
Sea bass fishing brand.
All lures were build by experience of all kind of fields.
Pioneer of luminous fishing tackles. Meny kinds of lure modification parts and paints are available.
Sun glasses especialy designed for fishing. Keeping development by hearing fishermans voice.
Mainly producing the compact air pomp for keeping bait alive.
Leading manufacturer of glow light products for attracting fish and night fishing.
One of the leading fishing tackle manufacture. Yamashita members makes new products by their own experienced idea.
Van hook has more than 100years of history and experience. Manufacture of high quality hooks.
Concentrate on all kinds of high quality swivels. Small, tagh and smooth rolling.
Saltwater lure and hooks.
Producing lures and hooks decorated by natural materials.
Tackle box maker.
All kind of patterns to patite box keeps hook and lure tidy.
Jigging and casting rods.
Light and confortable grip shape keeps stable casting and jerk.